How to Build Your Child’s Interest in Reading

Given the hi-tech gadgets a child has access to today, it is a real challenge to get children to even open a book. If they are not watching television, they are either engrossed in an internet video game or are jabbing away at the tiny keys on their cell phone. Reading is important because it enhances language skills building a child’s comprehension ability and vocabulary. It also promotes visual development and verbal skills. Additionally, reading provides us with different lenses through which we can examine our everyday lives.

So, if your child is not reading enough, he is missing out on something very crucial. This how-to article lists the different tricks you can use to spark an interest in reading. Although our focus is children, you can apply a few of the tips to yourself too.

Reading Time -

It should start with reserving some time for the reading ritual. It is true it’s hard to find time, but it can be as little as 10-15 minutes. Do it every day. The best time to read to a child is before bedtime as both you and your child are relaxed. Your child will continue this habit even as he grows older. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 6 Tips to Get Attuned to Campus Life

Coming to college is a major transition for a student as this is the first time you find yourself totally responsible for your actions in life! There is no one to monitor your schedule and oversee what you are doing and how you are doing it. To many, campus life can be a big relief, but it is actually a journey that defines your future and overall personality.

Campus life has a lot to teach you for next few years apart from the lessons that you would learn in your classroom! It teaches you about successful living, which may not be related to your academics at all. You learn to live with your roommates, handle your finances yourself, taking care of daily chores, explore romantic partnerships, and deal with people from different cultures and backgrounds. And, all this happens when you are coping up with our academic demands such as completing and submitting your projects on time, exploring various help and tutoring services and learning how to work with other students. That seems like a LOT to handle for a fresher, but here’s help!

Listed below are top 6 tips that can help you get attuned to campus life:

1. Avoid missing classes

You should avoid missing classes for no good reason! Other than this, it is important that you do your course assignments on time. In case you have any doubt, you can contact your course instructor and teaching assistants in the university. Remember, if you are aware of your doubts, only then you can seek solutions. Read the rest of this entry »

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